2024 SOAR Challenge

Tampa Soar Challenge



Revenge Plan by – Abigail Almond
Two friends form a revenge plan after a breakup. Who says you need to be the bigger person? [ PG-13 ]

The HOA by – Cameron Tucker
Laurie on her first and maybe last open house encounters the HOA President who sees violations and citations in everything. [ PG ]

Killer Magic by – Austin Janowsky
After a picture perfect slasher, Fred finds himself face to face with a killer who improvises his over dramatic kills. [ PG ]

Need a wife before midnight by – Zachary Tuttle
A man is inheriting 70 million dollars from a long lost relative, but there is a catch… he has to get married on his birthday, which is today! [ PG ]

Two Wishes by – Aline Lucas
Ally rubbed a bottle and G, short for Gennie comes out to realize Ally’s two wishes. [ G ]

It’s Time For Death by – Chelsea Wolf
During the last moments of his life, Jerry teaches Death how to entertain the souls who cross over despite some artistic differences. [ PG ]

THE OPERATOR by – Shanita Brown
(DRAFT) THE OPERATOR. When two people plot to take down the same company that affected both their lives negatively. [ PG-13 ]

The Baby by – Patryk Godlewski
A woman in need, a crying baby, and a loaded gun are three ingredients of this assassin’s plan. [ PG-13 ]

What Just Happened by – Andre Brown
What Just Happened. A robbery is thwarted by an unlikely culprit. [ PG-13 ]

Tech Support by – Keith Driver
In the world of tech. Tech support plays a mighty role. [ G ]


UNKNOWN by – Jasmin Alexa
A young man struggles when being interrogated about what happened on a weekend away with friends. [ PG-13 ]

Don’t Look Bestie by – Jacob Schwartz
A night at home during a storm turns into a night of terrors when a power outage causes a woman with nyctophobia to be haunted by something mysterious in the dark. [ PG-13 ]

Pumpkin by – Mary A. Toyama
Lost and confused, Pumpkin is being interrogated by an agent dressed in black who continually changes into someone else. [ PG-13 ]

A Deadly Solution by – David Kashner
A Russian girl follows up the best first date with an encounter with a serial killer. [ PG-13 ]

Beyond All Murders by – Arlene McQueen
A serial killer is mutilating members of Preacher’s church congregation, and everyone is a suspect. [ PG-13 ]

The Dudebro Slayer by – Rory Smith
A discourteous man finds himself in the clutches of a female vampire. [ PG-13 ]

Pinkie Promise by – Sky Belluomini
In order to stop fighting over a boy, Gemma and Nya make a pinkie promise. What will happen when one of them breaks it? [ PG-13 ]

Uninvited Guest by – Doc Bravo
Not All Guests Are Welcomed [ PG-13 ]

One AM by – Kelly Weaver
Violet Adams is trapped in a loop that she does not understand or know how she got there. Can she discover how to escape and why her day always starts at 1:00am? [ G ]

Macabre Mirror by – Rebecca Torres
MACABRE MIRROR. When a mirror reveals a hidden secret, Niko must find who he really is with the help of a reluctant social media mogul. [ PG-13 ]

Which Who by – Nicoli Burney
Fearing for her life, a woman tries to find the truth while trapped in her bathroom. [ PG-13 ]

Moonlight Massacre by – Blake Drivas
Returning to his village, a young Hunter finds a Werewolf in the midst of a massacre and must make a special weapon that can kill the fearsome beast. [ PG-13 ]

A Cold Winter’s Night by – Christian Fink-Irizarry
After hearing a clatter on the roof, a married couple are caught in an impossible situation after a home invasion goes horribly awry. [ PG-13 ]

Our Campout by – Lonnie Jackson
Are you afraid of the dark, or what you might find in it? [ PG ]

The Legend of Skunk Ape by – Matty Murillo
“A group of skeptical friends reluctantly embark on a camping trip to aid their friend Andre in researching a 5-year-old cold case involving two missing hikers for his college term paper. However, as they delve deeper into the forest, they encounter the very beast that claimed the lives of the hikers, turning their skepticism into terror and transforming them from doubters to true believers in the supernatural.” [ PG-13 ]

Rapid U Movement by – David Tolliver
A Loner Gamer gets lost in developing an intense new immersive real world experience. [ PG-13 ]

Pyschodysleptic by – Mike Wright
4 drug dealers meet up with a strange figure offering them a new substance to peddle, but the side effects are something completely out of this world [ PG-13 ]