OIF Film Challenges are held on average twice a year. These are short film challenges meant to help improve the participants’ skills by hands-on expereince, help develop connections with others in the local independent film industry, provide an easy entry into the industry for anyone with an earnest interest, increase their exposure to the outside world, allows the ability to add credits to members’ resumes and reels.
Challenges culminate with an Awards Ceremony, where the OIF Chrystal Awards are given to those chosen by a panel of judges with experience in the industry.

At this time, most of the exchanges of communication with members of our film community are held via the use of local, private, Facebook groups. You must join one of the facebook groups to best keep up with current news, events and details related to OIF activities. You can join by answering a few basic questions and agreeing to the rules. You may only join one of our Facebook groups if you are a local resident in the areas served by the group you wish to join. This requirement helps ensure you are able to participate in a local film production.

Assembling a production team for an OIF Film Production is easy. At the beginning of each Challenge, we create a “poll” for all those interested in joining a production. Candidates are categorized by their roles (actors, audio recordists, videographers, editors, etc.). Filmmmkaer can simply contact any member that posts their interest, as well as post casting and crew calls to the group.
For newer filmmakers joining the group, it is highly recommended you help out on several productions before seeking help on yours. This is a kind of “pay-it-forward” principle that seems to work best. Others get to know you better prior to considering whether to join your production and see you as a “team player”. Members are more apt to join up with those they already know.