Workshops and Panels

Regularly Scheduled In-person Scriptwriting Workshops

We hold monthly scriptwriting classes in Orlando on the 4th Thursday of the month, holidays excepted.

How It Works:

  • Have a pdf copy of your script pages ready (10 pages max).
  • A link to upload your pages to an online drive will be provided by email within 24 hours prior to start.
  • Everyone at the workshop will be able to read your script on their devices.
  • Script actions and headings are read by a narrator, character lines are read by an attendee as your script “comes to life”.
  • At the end of each script session, feedback and ideas for the writer are exchanged by the attendees.
  • Once the workshop is over, the link and the script pages will be removed.

This is a great way to gain helpful notes and feedback on your script so you can make those final “tweaks”. It is also a great way for actors to practice reading various character roles.

Florida Film Works:

Florida Film Works is our branded theme for a jointly-sponsored series of events to benefit emerging talent, crew, filmmakers and others in the film arts.

Our first Florida Film Works session was held on October 16, 2022 at the Enzian Theater.
Hello Central Florida! We’ve partnered with Film Festival Venues such as the Enzian Theater, and the Wayne Densch Theater, to bring you live Film Arts workshops/panels in a movie theater setting!
The Enzian is home of the Florida Film Festival®, an Academy Awards Qualifying Festival, located in Maitland, Florida.
The Wayne Densch Theater is home to the Love Your Shorts Film Festival, located in Sanford, Florida.

Our next Florida Film Works Session is Scheduled for February 19th. Details to follow. Register here.

Next Online Workshop:

No online workshops currently scheduled. Please check our Calendar Page for upcoming workshops and other events.

All online workshop start times are posted in New York time. You can lookup the time against your local time here.

Our workshops are open to the general public.

Have knowledge to share with fellow filmmakers?

Consider hosting a virtual workshop and share your expertise with our film arts community.

Have an article to share?

Consider sharing your article with our filmmaker community.
We will evaluate and post all relevant articles that would benefit film artists.

About The Film Workshop Series


As part of our mission to help educate and inform filmmakers, we periodically offer offline and online workshops, courses and tips so our community members may continue to practice and improve their crafts.

Providing a platform to exchange knowledge and gain experience is a major part of our mission goal.


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