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  • All About Commercials

    Category: Workshop All About Commercials

    June 8, 2022

    All About Commercials

    Workshop Topics:

    • How commercials get created inside agencies.
    • How commercials get approved and produced.
    • How agencies pick talent.
    • Why clients are so nervous on shoot day.
    • The difference between long format and 30 seconds.
    • Q&A


    This workshop is conducted by Troy Hayes

    Troy Hayes, Brief Bio:

    I’ve created some of the most memorable campaigns in all of advertising. My clients have trusted me with over one billion dollars of their advertising budgets. I’ve shot commercials for $4,000 and $4 million.

    I’ve done everything from boring corporate videos to Super Bowl commercials. One of them was voted Top 50 of All-Time. I’ve worked on the best brands in the world. I’ve done things and gone places most people only dream of.

    I created the Spuds MacKenzie campaign for Bud Light, shot free throws with Michael Jordan, made Carnival “The Fun Ships,” convinced people that they “Better Eat their Wheaties,” and created the predecessor to YouTube called WorldCam in 1995. I didn’t do these things alone. I’m blessed to work with amazingly talented people.

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  • Board Meeting

    Category: Board Meeting Board Meeting

    June 21, 2022

    OIF Board

    Special Board Meeting.


    Some Topics to Discuss:

    • Progress Reports
    • Upcoming Events (schedule and formats)
    • New Partnerships
    • New Business


  • How to Submit to and Win at Film Festivals

    Category: Workshop How to Submit to and Win at Film Festivals

    June 28, 2022

    This workshop has been postponed.  Details to follow.

    How To Submit To Film Festivals

    Workshop Topics:

    • Budgets and Grant Applications for monies to go toward festivals
    • Navigating Film Freeway Submissions
    • Selecting the best festivals
    • Communicating with fest managers and art directors
    • Working with International Film Teams
    • Attending Festivals - What to expect, hacks and tips
    • Graphic Design and Promotional Materials for your film
    • Press for your film
    • Posters
    • Laurels
    • Social Media


    This workshop is conducted by Kate Morgan

    Kate Morgan
    This workshop is hosted by Kate Morgan

    Brief Bio:
    Kate Morgan is a Humanitarian, Filmmaker and an international reverend supporting efforts in Africa to support children who have seen poverty and conflict in Uganda, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. After being a Chaplain Assistant stationed in 3rd Chemical Brigade at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri in the US Army and a hospital administration specialist who created internal policy and billing structure for government programs cases, she learned quite a bit about pandemic planning and survival.
    She is also an award-winning film producer, a political strategist who has worked with six political parties, a vegan health trainer and entrepreneur and a web streaming model with Karma Entertainment and Marquee Image Models.
    Kate is also the Founder of Film Will Never Be Dead and runs PR/advising for the Topaz Film Festival and LunaFest.
    Her films a feature rich storytelling regarding humanity’s upliftment and personal autonomy.